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    645 Beacon Lite Road
    Monument, CO 80132

    Phone: 719-481-2954

Date submitted Project  Developer/owner General Location Status
4/6/18 Wagons West (54 Duplexes and 77 Townhomes-Residential) Wagons West, LLC/JM Weston Homes LLC-NES, Inc.-(719)-471-0073 Old Denver Hwy Under Construction

3/8/18 Willow Springs Ranch-Preliminary/Final PD Site Plan (399 single family homes) NES, Inc.-(719)-471-0073 Between Mitchell Ave & Baptist 
Rd/Forest Lakes Drive
7/24/18 Cipriani Addition (Shell Building) Cipriani LLC-(719) 424-7448 Cipriani Loop Under Construction
7/3/18 Monument Ridge Apts. (Multifamily development) Goodwin Knight-(719) 471-0073 SEC Baptist Rd & Struthers Rd Under Construction
8/29/19 Ferrari Films - Final PD Site Plan & Plat Creekside Developers-(719) 522-0500 SWC Jackson Creek Parkway & Harness Rd Approved
4/26/19 Conexus Business Park Rockwell Consulting-(719) 475-2575 Btwn I-25 & Old Denver Rd Approved
3/27/19 Peak Equipment Rental-Pre/Final PD Site Plan Levi Akers- Cory Hurd with Ed Green Cosntruction-(719) 475-0922 2124 Wolf Court Under Construction
12/18/19 The Village Rezone & Sketch PD Plan Pinetree Properties-(520) 299-9101 Jackson Creek Parkway between hwy 105 & Bowstring Approved
1/8/20 MONUMENT RIDGE FILING NO. 2-Final PD site plan-mixed use Ed Ellsworth-(719) 339-3535 Near Baptist and Struthers Rd APPROVED
2/3/20 Santa Fe Park Rezone & prelim PD site plan Phoenix Bell Associates-Greg Anderson-(520) 299-9101 Btwn I-25 & Old Denver Rd near Baptist rd Going to BOT on 7/20/20
4/20/20 Freedom Car Wash-Final PD Site Plan Bruce Barkey-Architect 720-534-3013 1.2 acres, Lot 7 of Monument Marketplace North Filing No. 1 Going TO BOT on 8/3/20
4/20/20 Falcon Commerce Center-Rezone & PD Sketch plan  Andrea Barlow-719-471-0073 Located on Baptist Road by Pilot Going to PC on 7/22/20 and BOT on 8/17/20
4/20/20 Fox Run Vet Hospital-Site Plan Katelyn Hyllested-734-604-9165 60,181 SF, next to Tractor supply In review
4/20/20 Redline Pipeline Office/Warehouse Prelmin/Final PD Site Plan Jennifer Zezlina-719-481-5777 in Wolf Bus. Park Going to BOT on 8/3/20
4/20/20 Sanctuary Pointe Filing 7-Final Plat Classic consulting-719-785-2801 Sanctuary pointe Going to BOT on 7/20/20
6/2/20 ABC Landscaping-Rezone & Preliminary/Final PD site plan Dean Couture - Owner of ABC Landcaping Inc. 719-491-0368 • Located west of I-25 about a half mile north of Hwy 105 on Bacon Lite Rd Going to PC on 7/22/20 and BOT on 8/17/20
5/22/20 Woodman Valley Chapel-Final PD Site Plan Jason Alwine with Matrix Design Group, Inc.  jason_alwine@matrixdesignergroup.com • Located within the Conexus Business Park
• The parcel is bordered by I-25 to the east, Old Denver Rd to the west

In Review, may go to PC on 8/12/20 and BOT on 9/7/20
5/27/20 Conexus Phases 2 & 3 – Sketch PD Plan  Andrea Barlow with NES, Inc. abarlow@nescolorado.com Industrial/commercial/multifamily residential development on 146-acre property to the east of Old Denver Rd  In Review, may go to PC on 8/12/20 and BOT on 9/7/20

***This list is provided for general reference information only and should not be considered complete or all inclusive. Planning Staff is available to answer questions or discuss projects in greater depth. You may reach the Planning Department by calling 719-481-2954 or sending an email to planning@tomgov.org. Have you heard a rumor about something that isn't on this list? Reach out to Planning Staff for the facts on any projects or concerns. 


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