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At this time we anticipate the Cascade software to open up for permits on March 15, 2021. Manual permit applications will be accepted until April 19, 2021 (see instructions at the bottom of this page)

Please note that all Monument construction permits will still go through Monument and PPRBD. Any "minor" permits such as electrical, would only go through PPRBD. Any work done within the Town border would still also need a Town of Monument business license. For more information you may go to our FAQs page


Town Hall Offices are open with limited staff. See updated permit submission information below


                                                            DIGITAL PERMITTING SOFTWARE

The Town of Monument is excited to announce that we will be going digital with our planning permits
starting on MARCH 15, 2021 by adding new permitting software.  The new software, called Cascade, will bring many new advantages to the permitting process such as a new online portal that will allow electronic submittals for the public and contractors, real time progress tracking for permits, online fee payments, access to all departments that have a role in the permitting process, customized reporting tools, as well as many more features that will enhance productivity and transparency.  The Monument and Cascade team are working hard to ensure a smooth transition and need you to use the link below to sign into the software and set up your company and users for the software. You will need to complete your account sign up prior to submitting a Monument permit for review.

      SIGN IN AND SIGN UP!                            VIDEO “HOW TO” TRAINING                   CASCADE HELP DESK TICKET


            -SIGN IN or SIGN UP-Submit a permit request through the Cascade Software

            -TRAINING-For video training on how to register or submit a permit 

            -SUPPORT-For CASCADE Software support tickets may be entered here



                                                                  Overview of Cascade software features

The primary function of Cascade is to streamline the permitting process for town planning and zoning permits.  Applicants will now be able to easily apply online for all Land use and Development permits.  Cascade also provides the following features…

- Mapping features to show Town data
- Scheduling and tracking inspections
- Online access for contractors and public users
- Access for planning, public works, finance, administrators, fire department and other town or 3rd party users
- Creates reports for 3rd Party payment import into Caselle
- Customized Reports for any data that exists in the system
- Email notifications sent to users and contractors
- Easily track and monitor progress of permits through the workflow steps
- Upload and manage documents and plans
- Address and parcel database management – Property file abilities
- Importing of historical data to be used in reports and searches
- Online payments for contractors and public users
- Credit Card and ACH payments for permit fees
- And many others

Cascade provides the needed tools to help towns and cities track building and construction permits and has improved their software service tremendously based on the needs of clients. For example, when a city has an environment where all inspections, fees and processes are kept and tracked in different mediums for the permitting process, it is extremely cumbersome to try to process hundreds of new permits a year using this process and ensure accuracy. Once implemented, everyone has access to any piece of information that they need and transparency to board members and administrators is improved.
Please note that throughout the first months of a new software deployment, there are typically items that need to be adjusted.  Many times, a new workflow step has to be added or a dropdown box needs to be reconfigured.  Once the user starts to process permits and see how the software works they typically have ideas of how it can work better or maybe information that they were collecting is no longer needed.  Cascade can come through and make these changes easily to ensure that the software performs the way that staff and the public expects. 

You may go to the CASCADE WEBSITE for more information

Planning and permitting help increase the resilience and investment value of a construction project, mitigate an occupant's health and safety during a disaster, protect the local tax base and ensures continuity of essential Town services. 

 Why Do You Need A Permit?

·   The Municipal Code requires you to get a permit

·   Permits provide third-party verification that you (or the contractor you hired) did the work to minimum code requirements

·   Permits provide the homeowner with an inexpensive resource for construction-related needs

·   Permits give you access to expertise in all fields including plumbing, mechanical, electrical and framing


For any questions please reach out to us at or 719-884-8015.

As of April 19, 2021 the Town of Monument will no longer accept manual permits.

For any questions relating to construction or Town inspections such as for sidewalks, right of way needs or Land Development, please contact Tom Martinez at 719-884-8036

 Manual permitting Instructions: (note that this process is slower then the software)
  • Open the permit application you wish to use from on this site.
  • Save a copy onto your computer and fully complete the application form.
  • Review the permit for its instructions of any additional documentation needs such as construction drawings and site plans or landscape documents etc.
  • Email the completed permit and all information to
  • We will review your request and contact you if there are any questions or concerns. (Please allow 3-5 business days).
  • Once the permit is approved, we will contact you for pick up and payment.
  • For payment you may come to the Town of Monument office at 645 Beacon Lite Rd. to pay with cash, check or credit card.
  • A copy of the approved permit will need to be signed at the time of payment and you will receive a receipt along with your copy of the permit.
  • Note that no work can begin until the permit is approved and issued                                                                                                   


 (Additional permit types and approvals may be needed based on the individual property and project)

Residential Home Improvements page (links)

New Construction and Development processes page (links)

Commercial permits (link)

All other construction/Engineering permits page (links)


The Town of Monument does require a business license for any work performed within the Town Limits. This can be applied for and paid at the Town offices or online-

You can also verify that your contractor has obtained a business license and a permit by calling the Town at 719.481.2954

Fees & Payment

Please keep in mind that location of the development may require additional fees, such as for the Triview Metropolitan District. Visit the Maps page for the location maps of these districts.
You MUST sign and pay for your permit prior to inspection and final approval.
You may pay by Cash, Check or Charge for the Town permits. Triview fees must be paid separately. 

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