INTEGRITY – Defined as being honest, moral, upright, and sincere. Public trust can only exist with our integrity and respect for one another. The Department and its employees must hold themselves to a standard that is beyond reproach.

PRIDE – The department is a proud institution and works to develop this pride in its employees. We are proud to be part of a noble profession that is called upon to maintain order in a free society. We are proud of the real partnerships we have with the people we serve. We are proud of the highly motivated, highly trained, and highly respected personnel we have.

COMMUNITY – We are committed to working in partnership with the community and each other to indentify and resolve issues which impact public safety. The cornerstone of this Department is the relationship we have with the community we serve. Our ability to be effective in carrying out our mission is based upon the credibility we have with the community.

EMPOWERMENT – We are committed to empowering our member and community to resolve problems be creating an environment that encourages solutions and addresses the needs of the community.

We ask that everyone take an interest in their community by interacting with their neighbors and police department to assist in our effort to reduce crime.


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