Redmond Ramos

Board of Trustees
Title: Trustee
Trustee Ramos

Redmond lives in Monument, Colorado with his wife Krista and two young children. Their family has been in Monument since 2001 and Redmond is excited to be able to raise his children in our wonderful town. The family has always been dedicated to service; Redmond serving as a combat medic in the military and Krista serving as an LA City firefighter. Our family believes in teaching our children by example. Redmond has always strived to show the world that obstacles in life are simply opportunities to succeed and grow. After stepping on an I.E.D. and losing a leg, he did see his injury as an obstacle. He saw his injury as an opportunity to succeed and grow like never before. After injury, Redmond competed in track for Team Navy in Warrior Games in Colorado Springs and Team USA during the Invictus Games in London. He also competed and won the TV Show Triumph Games as well as competed on the CBS show The Amazing Race, becoming the first ever military amputee to compete on the show. After a successful career in Motivational speaking, a career in real estate was next. As a Realtor, Redmond was focused on serving his local community and helped fellow town members achieve their goal of owning a home in Monument. Redmond has dedicated his life to service, and hopes that a Board of Trustees position will be the next step in serving his community.


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