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EMERGENCY RULE:  COLORADO OPEN RECORDS ACT (CORA) REQUESTS & PRIORITIZATION OF RESOURCES DURING EMERGENCY                                                                                                                                                          


 The Colorado Open Records Act, C.R.S. § 24-72-201, et seq. (“CORA”) authorizes the official custodian to issue rules with reference to the inspection of public records which are reasonably necessary to limit operational disruption caused by access to the records.


A.  To establish a rule and expectations concerning the processing of CORA requests by the Town of Monument (“Town”) during the current coronavirus pandemic.

B.  To provide clear direction to Town staff concerning the allocation of Town resources to CORA requests during this period and the prioritization of the same relative to other public duties and functions.

C.  To protect the Town and its residents from potential disruption of Town services during the coronavirus pandemic due to the diversion of scarce Town resources and personnel from necessary operations.


This Rule shall apply to all public records maintained by the Town with the exception of records kept, made or maintained by the Monument Police Department (“MPD”) or the Monument Municipal Court and requested under the Criminal Justice Records Act (“CCJRA”), C.R.S. § 24-72-301, et seq. 


This Rule shall become effective immediately upon issuance and shall remain in effect until written notice of its revocation is issued by the Town Clerk.


A.  During the effectiveness of this Rule, CORA requests shall be processed by Town personnel as quickly as reasonably possible after such personnel have performed any pending or scheduled duties that are necessary to maintain Town operations and services, to protect the public health or to comply with any order, declaration or directive affecting the Town issued by any governmental agency or official with jurisdiction.

B.  In no event shall a Town employee be required to come to Town facilities when s/he is working remotely, with Town authorization, solely to locate records, perform on-site research or take other action in response to a filed CORA request.

C.  As soon as practical after receiving a CORA request, the Town Clerk’s Office shall issue written notice to the requesting party that the current health pandemic constitutes extenuating circumstances under CORA and that the Town shall accordingly process and respond to the request in not less than ten (10) working days. 

D.  Town staff involved in processing a CORA request shall use their best efforts to provide appropriate response to the requesting party within three (3) working days if the same can be done in compliance with Subsection A. above.

Declared and issued this 20th day of March 2020, by:

LHogan Signature                                                                                       

Laura Hogan, Town Clerk

The Town Clerk's office is responsible for maintaining historical, administrative, operational and legal documents related to the Town of Monument.  Many records are available and accessible for citizen inspection as provided by the Colorado Open Records Act during normal business hours. 

Record requests are reviewed by the Town Clerk to ensure the documents can be made available for inspection.  By law, some documents are confidential or privileged and may be withheld.  Record requests are completed within three business days, unless extenuating circumstances warrant an extension.  In such case, the time period may be extended up to an additional seven days.  Open record requests are delivered electronically unless otherwise requested.   

Fees are charged based on the table below.  If the requested documents are estimated to amount to a substantial fee, a deposit will be required prior to the request being completed.  Any remaining fees are due when the records request has been made available.

Type of Record Fee Additional Charges if Applicable
Copy Fee - Black & White $.25 per page (single-sided=1 page, 
double-sided=2 pages)
If a request takes more than 1 hour to complete
the Town will charge $30 per hour for each 
additional hours spent.
Copy Fee - Color $2.00 per page - up to 11x17 __________________________________________

Certified Copy $2.00 per page Direct costs to the Town (attorney's fees, outsourced
copying, courier, etc.) shall also be assessed. 
Audio/Video Records $25.00 per recording __________________________________________

Photos $10 per cost of reproduction Actual cost of manipulating data per
C.R.S. 24-72-205(3)(4)
Faxes $.50 per page - 10 page minimum __________________________________________

How To Request Records:

Please complete a Records Request form and submit it in one of the following ways:

Fax to: 719-884-8011
Mail to:  Records Request, 645 Beacon Lite Rd. Monument, CO  80132
Deliver to: Monument Town Hall, 645 Beacon Lite Rd. Monument CO  80132
Email to: