The Detective, commanded by a Commander, is assigned narcotics investigations as well as major crimes such as sexual assaults, robberies, burglaries, felony thefts and any other crimes which require additional resources and expertise.
In addition to investigations and preparing cases for prosecution, the Detective is responsible for crime scene investigations and gathering and compiling intelligence on criminal activity.

Deadly Force Investigations

As a result of Senate Bill 15-219, Concerning Measures to Provide Additional Transparency to Peace Officer Involved Shootings, the Monument Police Department cooperates with the Deadly Force Investigation Team consisting of investigators from the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office and the Colorado Springs Police Department.  Members of this multi-agency investigations team will investigate incidents involving officers with the Monument Police Department where deadly force was used.  Colorado Revised Statute 16-2.5-301 provides the statutory requirements for these investigations.

Officer-Involved Shooting Investigations

In accordance with Colorado Revised Statue 16-2.5-301, The Monument Police Department has adopted the 4th Judicial District’s protocols for the use of multi-agency teams which are designated to fully investigate the use of deadly force, typically through the discharge of a firearm by an officer(s), resulting in an injury or death. These teams work at the direction of the respective District Attorney’s Office and are typically comprised of members from participating law enforcement agencies, District Attorney investigators and attorneys, and other specialized investigative agencies as appropriate including Coroners’ offices and / or the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

Whenever a member of the Monument Department is involved in a deadly force encounter where the officer(s) discharges his / her firearm, a Critical Response Team from the 4th Judicial District of Colorado will investigate the incident according to the criteria detailed in the attached document. These teams may also be used any time the Chief of Police (or his designee) requests their assistance to investigate any deadly use of force situation.

4th Judicial District Critical Response Team Protocol (PDF)