Neighborhood Watch


With Neighborhood Watch, citizens become the extra "eyes and ears" of law enforcement personnel and therefore reduce the burden placed on law enforcement. Some benefits of the Neighborhood Watch program include:

  • Better quality of life
  • Builds community pride and unity
  • Crime reduction
  • Greater sense of security, responsibility and personal control

Starting a Neighborhood Watch

The 5 Steps

  1. Recruit and organize as many neighbors as possible (generally 10-15 households).
  2. Contact the Monument Police Department and schedule a meeting.
  3. Discuss community concerns and develop an action plan.
  4. Hold regular meetings and train on relevant skills.
  5. Implement a phone tree and take action steps.

Requirements of Neighborhood Watch

While there are not many requirements to start and maintain a Neighborhood Watch group, the following are required:

  • Your group must have at least 2 meetings a year and report to the Community Resource Officer (CRO).
  • The Block Captain, or designee, must attend both meetings.
  • The group must maintain open communication with each other and the CRO.