Thank you for your interest in the Monument Cemetery.  In 1886 Charles Bissell conveyed to the Town a 5-acre tract of land that had been informally used as a cemetery since 1871.  The earliest known headstone in the cemetery is Alonzo Welty dated 1860.  Each year volunteers organize a Memorial Day Service to honor the many veterans who are buried here.  Victims of a train crash and the 1918-1919 influenza epidemic are buried here as well.  Many grave markers show "unknown" for lack of identifying records.  For this reason, and because the cemetery contains some very old unmarked or poorly marked graves, it is not guaranteed that if you possess a deed or an interment agreement that a specific plot is available.

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions:

  • All available plots have been sold as of April 16, 2021. 
  • A full-size plot can accommodate 1 burial vault, and up to 2 cremation vaults can be interred after the burial vault.  A full-size plot can accommodate up to 4 cremation vaults if there is not a burial vault interred. 
  • Town Ordinance requires the use of concrete burial and/or cremation vaults for all interments. 
  • The Public Works Department prepares the gravesite prior to and closes the gravesite after interment.  The cost for this service is $350 for a full-size plot and $150 for plot within the crematory garden.  An additional $150 will be charged for any interment scheduled on a Saturday.  We do not schedule burials on Sundays or holidays.
  • The Public Works Department does not set burial or cremation vaults; they simply prepare the gravesite before and close the gravesite after interment. Please make arrangements through a vault company or funeral home prior to any service.
  • The placement of any gravesite marker, headstone, or monument needs to be supervised by the Public Works Department and should be done within 1 year of any interment. 

To Schedule Interment:
Contact Tina Erickson at 719-884-8047 or terickson@tomgov.org
For Maintenance Concerns or to Schedule Headstone Placement:
Contact James Schubauer at 719-492-5512