Engineering Forms & Permits

All Development

Control of disturbed surface areas is required for all development. Methods to control dust emissions must be provided on the Dust Control Permit (PDF).

Demolition & Removal

A Demolition Permit (PDF) is required prior to demolishing or removing any building or structure that required a building permit for the initial construction. Any requirements of the State of Colorado must also be satisfied.

Prior to the removal of trees that are not dead, dying or diseased, a Tree Removal Permit (PDF) must be submitted and approved.

Home Improvements

A Fence Permit (PDF) is required for constructing new or repairing fencing in residentially - and commercially-zoned areas.

For any new landscaping, a Landscape Permit (PDF) with a landscape plan showing all proposed plants (trees and shrubs) and quantities will be required.

A Revocable Permit (PDF) is required for any private improvement made in the public right-of-way, such as a fence or a mailbox.

New Construction & Development

New construction requires a Residential Builder Stormwater Quality Control Permit (PDF) along with a Residential Land Use Permit (PDF).

The Land Development Permit (PDF) provides the linear footage or acreage for all new infrastructure (sidewalks, sanitary sewer, drainage) on a site and fees are based off of this information. This permit must be submitted prior to development.

Road & Traffic

Traffic control measures, jacking and boring, and/or creating a road cut can be applied for with a Right-of-Way Construction Permit (PDF).

Engineering Documents