Project  General Location Status
Jackson Creek Senior Living Jackson Creek Parkway & Harness Rd Under Construction
Jackson Creek Townhomes Lyon's Tail & Jackson Creek Parkway Under Construction
Wagons West Final PD Site Plan & Plat Old Denver Hwy Approved

Tri-Lakes Collision Beacon Lite Rd & Wolf Ct Now Open
KFC Jackson Creek Parkway Approved
Pilot Travel Center I-25 & Baptist Rd Now Open
Les Schwab Old Forest Point Under Construction
Conexus - PD Amendment Old Denver Hwy Approved
Eagleview Patio Homes Beacon Lite Rd Under Construction
Jackson Creek Market Village Drive-Thru Restaturant NEC Baptist Rd & Jackson Creek Parkway Approved
Willow Springs Annexation & Sketch Plan Between Mitchell Ave & Baptist 
Rd/Forest Lakes Drive
BOT Oct 01
Sanctuary Pointe, Filing No. 4 Plat Sanctuary Pointe BOT Oct 01
***Please call the Planning Department for more information. This list is provided for general reference information only and should not be considered complete or all inclusive.