Projects Around Town

Water Projects

Raspberry Ln Water Main/Street Upgrade Project

This project is necessary to replace an old and compromised water main inside the Raspberry Ln subdivision. The water main has repeatedly needed repairs that require half of the community to go without water for extended periods of time. The 8” water main will be replaced throughout the entire street. After installation of the water main, the service line for each of the 48 units will be replaced as well. The service lines provide water to each unit, there is a valve on the service line that allows the water dept. to control water to the units. When the water main and service line replacement is complete, the asphalt and curb and gutter will be replaced. There has been a significant need to replace the hard surfaces on Raspberry Ln for some time. There are significant drainage issues that will be resolved with the replacement. The project is slated to begin mid-July and finish sometime in October or early November.

Well 3 Redrill Project

Well 3 is one of 9 wells that currently do or could provide water for Town of Monument customers. Well 3 was drilled and put into operation in the early 1970’s. Since that time the well casing has been compromised and started leaking water from one aquifer into another. The State division of water resources very much frowns on this circumstance. Therefore, the well needed to be redrilled. The project Started at the end of April and is anticipated to be finished some time during summer. The new well will have a higher flow rate than the existing well allowing the water dept. to increase production of treated water.

Water Line Breaks and Repairs

The Water Dept. had a small leak on a water line of the side of Old Denver Hwy. When the dept. exposed the line, it was discovered that it is a special type of material the water line is made of. Town of Monument does not have the ability to work with the type of material. Therefore, we enlisted the help of a local contractor to assist. The repairs were completed late night of June 16th.

On Friday June 18th, another leak was discovered on a water line of the side of Hwy 105 near Jarrito Loco restaurant. When the leak was exposed, we found a service line saddle had corroded to the point that it could not maintain a seal. The saddle was replaced, and Jarrito Loco was put back into service late night of June 18th.

Sidewalk Projects

Sidewalk installation project HWY 105/Beacon Lite Rd:

There has been a need to install sidewalk from the Monument Meadows trailer park to the entrance of Safeway. This project will address that need. The intent is to install sidewalk from the Safeway entrance west along HWY 105 to the intersection of Beacon Lite Rd. Then the sidewalk with run along the east side of Beacon Lite Rd to the north entrance to Monument Meadows trailer park. Currently, anyone walking from one to the other has to walk on a dirt trail. The sidewalk should increase safety for citizens and drivers. The project is to start mid-summer and be completed by November.

Sidewalk plan from trailer park to Safeway

Current Development Projects

Detailed project packets are available on Documents on Demand and are usually available a week prior to the Planning Commission and Board of Trustee Hearings.  

Please contact Planning at 719-488-1604 with any questions.

drawings of a construction project with a pen

Date submitted Project  Developer/owner General Location Status
8/10/20 Jackson Creek North Filing 3-6, 390 Residences-Final Site Plan & Plats Mike Taylor Creekside Developers Inc., 719-357-9062 165 acres located near Clover Leaf rd off of Higby Rd. to west of Harness Rd APPROVED  on 6/7/21-UNDER CONSTRUCTION
10/22/20 Village at Jackson Creek Preliminary PD Site Plan & Rezone Creekside Developers, Inc - Brett Behnke   719-522-0500,  46.973 acres located west of Jackson Creek pky off of future westbound Harness & Cloverleaf Roads and bounded to the west by Interstate-25.  APPROVED ON 4/5/21-UNDER CONSTRUCTION SOON
10/21/20 Gleneagle Dental Preliminary/Final PD Site Plan Art C Klein Construction - Bruce Barr               719-570-6060; 0.71 acres at 925 West Baptist Road, Lot 13 Monument Ridge Final Plat Approved on 2/1/21-UNDER CONSTRUCTION
11/19/20 the Flynn project Seiler Construciton - Matt Seiler  309 N. Woodsworth St. 303-945-1519, APPROVED on 3/1/21-UNDER CONSTRUCTION
10/19/20 Elite Cranes Prelim/Final PD Site Plan  Elite Cranes LLC - Stacie and Sam Lowry  719-488-6500;  APPROVED ON 4/5/21-UNDER CONSTRUCTION SOON
1/19/21 Monument Industrial Park - Final Site Plan Curtis Gibson
1717 N Waterfront Pkway
Wichita, KS 67206
1/26/21 Monument Dental Clinic Preliminary/Final PD Site Plan WMG Development - Brian Schrock 314-537-4140,  APPROVED ON 5/3/21-UNDER CONSTRUCTION
1/19/21 Wolf Business Park Filing No. 2 Final PD Site Plan Hammers Construction, Inc. - Lisa Peterson  719-570-1599,  APPROVED ON 5/3/21
2/22/21 Sanctuary Pointe phase 1 PD Site Plan Amendment #4 & Sketch Plan Amendment #1 NES Inc - Andrea Barlow  719-471-0073,  APPROVED ON 5/3/21
5/1/21 3 ENCLAVE ANNEXATIONS  Town of Monument-719-884-1604 231 N Front Street (parcel ID #: 7115400051), 251 N Front Street (parcel ID #: 7115405005) and a parcel adjacent to I-25 and west of Jackson Creek Parkway (parcel ID #: 7114300013) APPROVED ON 7/19/21
6/18/21 Connexus Business Park Phase 3 Final Plat & Preliminary/Final PD Site Plan NES - Andrea Barlow
The property is situated south of downtown Monument and south of the intersection of Interstate 25 and Highway 105/2nd Street. The property lies between Old Denver Road and the Interstate, with the Trails End neighborhood situated to the west of Old Denver Road. The regional Santa Fe Trail runs along the western boundary between the site and Old Denver Road.   IN REVIEW-Possibly going to PC 8/18/21 and BOT on 9/6/21
7/13/21 Sanctuary Pointe Filing No. 10 - Final Plat Classic Consulting Engineers and Surveyors - Doug Reinelt  , 719-785-2801 The subject area includes Sanctuary Rim Drive and is bounded to the north and west by Sanctuary Pointe Filing No. 2, to the east by Baptist Road. It will consist of 12 single family lots.  IN REVIEW

***This list is provided for general reference information only and should not be considered complete or all inclusive. Planning Staff is available to answer questions or discuss projects in greater depth. You may reach the Planning Department by calling 719-488-1604 or sending an email to Have you heard a rumor about something that isn't on this list? Reach out to Planning Staff for the facts on any projects or concerns. 


PIKES PEAK REGIONAL BUILDING -GIS site- For looking up your address for Assessor and Permit information. 

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