Election Results

El Paso County’s unofficial election results (including Monument races and question):


Unofficial Results

Results released are posted as “unofficial.” This is due to military and overseas ballots that are afforded extra time for delivery after Election Day, and voters with signature or identification issues who are given time to resolve their issue. Voters in those categories have eight days after the election to resolve their issue or return their ballot.

Official Results

Results are deemed “official” when the bipartisan canvass board validates the results. The last day for the canvass to be completed is Wednesday, November 30, 2022

2021 Special Election Results







Elected to the Town of Monument Home Rule Charter Commission:

  • Matt Brunk
  • Steve King
  • Jennifer Coopman
  • Brandy Turner
  • Joel Lusby
  • Shannon Clark
  • Ashley Watt
  • Sana Abbott
  • Janet Ladowski

2020 Special Election Results

Pie graph of votes for item 2F

2020 Election Results

  • Trustee Mitch LaKind (First Term)
  • Trustee Jim Romanello (First Term)
  • Trustee Jamy Unruh (First Term)

2018 Special Election Results


  • Trustee Jim Romanello (Serving Until the Next Regular Election)

2018 Election Results
  • Mayor Don Wilson (First Term)
  • Trustee Laurie Clark (First Term)
  • Trustee Kelly Elliott (Second Term)
  • Trustee Ron Stephens (First Term)
2016 Election Results

  • Trustee Greg Coopman (First Term)
  • Trustee Don Wilson (First Term)
  • Trustee Jeffrey Bornstein (Second Term)
  • Trustee Shea Medlicott (First Term)

2015 Election Results

View the 2015 Coordinated Election Summary (PDF) for election results from this year.

2014 Election Results

  • Mayor Rafael Dominguez (First Term as Mayor)
  • Trustee Jeffrey Kaiser (Second Term)
  • Trustee Kelly Elliott (First Term)
  • Trustee Stanley Gingrich (Second Term)

2012 Election Results

  • Trustee Becki Tooley (First Term)
  • Trustee Jeffrey Bornstein (First Term)
  • Trustee John Howe (First Term)