Business Grants

The Town of Monument is ready to assist your small business needs.  We can quickly connect you with an extensive network of resource partners and service providers.  The Town offers small business grants to qualified business and organizations.  

Monument Capital Project Grant
Monument Capital Project Grant Program provides provide a reimbursement grant of up to 50% of the costs of a qualifying project in an amount up to $2,500 per business or single tenant building.  The purpose of the program is for eligible property owners and tenants to upgrade the appearance of existing storefronts/building facades or primary public entrances in order to help create a positive commercial environment in Monument, Colorado.  

Monument Marketing and Promotion Program
Monument’s shops and restaurants are an integral part of the authentic Monument experience that attracts both locals and consumers from the regional market area. To provide enhanced support of Monument’s retail sector the Town of Monument is launching a Marketing and Promotions Program. The marketing and promotions would include events, workshops, or activities that attract customers and visitors to the Town of Monument and its businesses. The program will reimburse up to 50% (limit of $500) per business/year of eligible marketing expenses to include: 

  • Posters/Fliers/Postcards/Brochures
  • Print Ads
  • Radio/TV/Web promotions
  • Event planner/consultant
  • Extra Labor/Overtime for employees to stay open extended business hours

Small Business Scholarship
As part of the Town's commitment to small businesses and entrepreneurs, Monument provides a 
Small Business Scholarship Program. This program allows reimbursement of business training expenses to small and home-based business owners/employers with 25 or fewer employees. To qualify, businesses must be licensed and located within the Monument’s Town limits. 

Additional resources from other organizations may be found on this page Business Resources | Monument, CO (

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