Code Enforcement

The Monument Police Department Code Enforcement handles all Municipal Code violations. 

Public Right-of-Way Sign Enforcement

The Town of Monument municipal ordinance restricts the placementof ANY unpermitted signage along the public right-of-way.

What is the Public Right-of-Way?

This includes any public roadway and the roadway shoulder. Within the Town of Monument, these public right-of-ways must remain clear of any and all signage that is not permitted. Signs may not be placed into the ground OR affixed to street sign’s, utility poles, or utility boxes. 
18.06.250 Prohibited Signs

Permitted vs. Restricted Signage

Currently, within the Town of Monument, all signs are restricted.
UNLESS a temporary sign permit has been granted.
Signs are permitted on private property with the permission from the property owner.

Apply for and purchase a temporary sign permit

Town of Monument Boundaries

Please confirm that your desired location is within the Monument Town Limits with the Town of Monument Annexation Map.

Temporary Signs are Not permitted on State Hwys (105) Right-of-way

CRS 43-1-400

Monument Municipal Ordinances    
18.06.240 Exempt Signs
18.06.250 Prohibited Signs
18.06.330 Temporary Signs
18.06.450 Sign Removal

Yellow house with an RV in the road, a red car on the lawn, and a rusty broken down car on the lawn.

Keep Monument Beautiful

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Truck & Recreational Vehicle Parking

  • On any public right-of-way, parking for RV's, trailers, and boat's is limited to 24hrs, must be outside of the visibility triangle, and parked on the right side of the road.
  • It is permitted to park on a driveway or improved surface on a single-family residential lot.
  • Licensing tags must be current.

18.05.220 - Truck & Recreational Vehicle Parking

Growth & Accumulation of Weeds

  • Grass may not exceed more than 9 inches whether it is a commercial lot, residential/nonresidential, or vacant lot.
  • Growth of weeds obstructing line of sight for any traffic-control device, or the safe movement of pedestrians is prohibited.

8.28.040 - Traffic & Pedestrian Hazards
8.28.045 - Growth & Accumulation of Weeds

Park in your Driveway. 

  • Vehicle parking in the front yard shall be on a driveway or an improved surface.
  • Vehicles on driveways shall be parked at least 18 inches from the sidewalk or nearest public right-of-way line.
  • Vehicles must be operable and with valid licensing tags.

18.05 Article 2 - Parking Standards

Junk & Abandoned Vehicles

  • Any vehicle that is inoperable, dismantled, wrecked, discarded, or is without valid licensing tags shall NOT be kept or stored outdoors on any property zoned residential.
  • No more than 5 vehicles on any residential property.
  • Exemptions: The vehicle is a "collector's item" per C.R.S. 42-12.101. OR actively being made operable and able to license.

8.12.020 Storage Outdoors Unlawful
8.12 - Junk & Abandoned Vehicles as Nuisances