Limbach Park



Limbach Park was named for town founder, Henry Limbach. He was also the town’s first mayor. Monument was originally named Henry’s Station in 1870, but after the Rio Grande railroad was built in 1879, it was renamed Monument for the rock formation to the west of town. The Limbach’s were business owners in the area, including a saloon and dry goods, millinery and dress making store.

Parks Plan

Adopted in 2003, the Parks Plan identifies existing conditions and future community expansion as well as documents the direction viewed necessary to achieve the Parks, Trails, and Open Space goals of the community.

View the Parks Plan (PDF) to learn more, or visit the Conceptual Parks Plan page


Please review the Town Park Use Guide (PDF) and Monument Lake Rules (PDF) for information on policies regarding the usage of parks within the community.

To make a reservation, please visit the Facilities page or complete a Park Reservation Application (PDF).