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Land Development Code and Zoning Map Update

On June 7th, 2021, the Board of Trustees approved the Land Development Code and Zoning Map Update. The update will take effect on July 16th.  The Land Development Code and Zoning Map guide and set standards for the use of land within the Town. It informs the ways in which the land can be developed and what purposes zoned land can serve. To learn more about this project, please visit our website Land Development Code Project | Monument, CO (

Zoning is what keeps a residential district residential, a commercial district commercial, an industrial district industrial, and so on. Zoning dictates what types of properties can co-exist in a particular area within a municipality. For example, some areas are zoned strictly for single-family homes (possibly with exceptions for things like religious buildings or community centers), while certain mixed-used or transitional zoning districts may allow for select businesses and some single and multi-family homes to exist in the same area. Zoning can also regulate more specific details of construction, such as maximum building height, minimum lot size, or how far a house needs to be setback from the road. 

The project website depicts the difference between the old and new zoning designations and provides the updated Land Development Code and Zoning Map.  Please contact Debbie Flynn, Planner II, if you have any questions or concerns at or 719-488-1604.



For questions please call Debbie Flynn, Planner II at 719-488-1604

Copies of the ordinances, online approved new Title 18 Land Development Code, and online approved Official Zoning Map amendments, and online approved ordinances are available online or at the Town offices, 719-488-1604, Monument Colorado, for public inspection and copying during normal business hours.

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