Compost Program

For a limited time, the Town of Monument is offering a drop off location for all residents' pumpkins and bagged leaves. Until November 30th, resident can bring their items to the south end of Limbach Park to be composted. Here are some items we can accept: pumpkins, leaves, fruit and veggie discards. Items we cannot accept include: pine needles, animal waste, chemical waste. See below for information on registering to participate in the Town's year-round compost program.

Banner for the Fall Compost Collection Event

In an effort to reduce the amount of waste entering our landfills, the Town of Monument's Public Works Department is offering a drop off site for your compostable waste. Residents MUST register to participate in this program, as space is limited. For questions, or to sign up for this program, send an email to Participants in this program also have access to finished compost once a year.

Want to start composting at home?

Here is a quick list of waste items you can compost, and those you should not:


Raw or overly ripe fruit and vegetables, peels and pieces

Paper products without colored inks or glossy coatings - examples are cardboard egg cartons, paper bags and brown cardboard boxes

Coffee grounds and unbleached coffee filters

egg shells

expired grains such as rice, oatmeal, lentils and beans

Pumpkins and gourds from fall and Halloween decorations - guts and all!

Fallen Leaves

Animal Hair

Not Compostable:

Colored or glossy cardboard


Meat or any animal products

Foods cooked in oils or fats

Foods containing, or seasoned with salt

Feces from carnivorous animals (dogs and cats)

Diseased plants

Plants treated with pesticides