Snow Plow Information

The Town begins its response to the storm when snow starts to accumulate and the roads become slick. Our plow drivers do their best to ensure our roads are clear of snow and apply sand salt mix when traction is a safety problem.  

They are out there working hard and to help make their jobs easier, for the benefit of the community, please remember these helpful hints:

  • Please do not park on the side of the road or in the right-of-way during the snow event. Crews need room to clear the streets so emergency vehicles can get to your house or your neighbors. It also helps to lengthen the life span of the road by eliminating the freeze thaw process that causes potholes. MMC 10.08.010
  • Please do not deposit snow from your driveway and sidewalk back onto the plowed road. It is against State Statute and Municipal Code. You also have up to 48hrs after the storm to clear them. As dry as it has been, your lawn and shrubs will benefit from the extra moister, so please put the snow on your grass. MMC 12.04.020, MMC 12.04.040.
  • Snow removal from private property CRS 43-5-301 
  • Please keep garbage cans off the streets so snowplows do not hit them during their plow route.
  • Please do not let your children play in roadside snowbanks or parking lot snow piles. As plow drivers clear and remove snow from storage areas, children could be in danger of snow collapse or being hit by a plow truck.
  • Please try to wear bright colors when walking on the road at night. During snow events plow trucks are out at all hours of the night, with the combination of the dark and the blowing snow it is difficult for the drivers to see pedestrians especially if they are wearing dark clothing.
  • For plowing priorities please refer to our snow plowing map below.

There are many hazards inherent to snow and ice and residents should use caution when walking or driving under these conditions. Help keep yourself and others safe during snowy weather by becoming familiar with the Town's snow removal routes and policies. We thank you for your cooperation as safety for all is our number one priority.  

ToMOnly_2024SnowRoute_11x17_StreetDept_240212 (1)