Bid Awards

Check here for the bids that the Town of Monument has selected for each project.

Town of Monument - 2.0 MG Water Tank Pipeline

Bid Opening - May 15, 2022

Bidder Bade Bid
KR Swerdfeger Construction $6,984,678
Wagner Construction $6,961,916
SMH West $9,975,000
BT Construction $14,606,697

Town of Monument - Beacon Lite Sidewalk Project #1

Bid Opening - April 14, 2022

Bidder Base Bid
Straight Line $433,570.00
Concrete Experts, LCC $337,637.40                             
Flat and Fancy $352,908.57

Town of Monument - 2.0 MG Water Storage Tank

Bid Opening - February 8, 2022

Bidder Base Bid
Preload $3,474,000.00
DN Tanks $4,190,325.00

Town of Monument - Wells 3/9 Water Treatment Plant Improvements 

Bid Opening June 3, 2021

Bidder Base Bid
J.R. Filanc Construction Co., Inc. $1,499,222.00
Glacier Construction Company, Inc. $1,510,800.00
Native Sun Construction $1,660,088.10
Velocity Constructors Inc. $1,695,611.00
Stanek Constructors, Inc.  $1,740,000.00

Town of Monument - Sidewalk Culvert Replacement Project 

Bid Opening June 10, 2021

Engineers Estimate: $563,198

Bidder Base Bid
Jarcco Construction $537,595.00
TechCon Infrastructure $798,801.00
Afab Contracting $508,210.30
Noraa Concrete $599,915.00

Raspberry Lane Street & Waterline Improvements

Bid Opening April 22, 2021 2:00 PM

Engineers Estimate: $1,320,000

Bidder Base Bid
Elite Surface Infrastructure $1,015,720.50
Noraa Concrete $909,956.00
Native Sun Construction $947,909.35

Meter Replacement Project

Proposal Submission Deadline: April 20, 2021 2:00 PM

Bidder Base Bid
Ratliff Utilities $67,690.00
Keystone Utility Systems $91,830.00

Competitive Bid Process

The formal solicitation shall include bid specifications, detailed scope of work, submission requirements, requirements for contractor’s bonds, and evaluation and selection criteria. A statement that “The Town of Monument, Colorado reserves the right to reject any and all bids. The Town also reserves the right to select the lowest and/ or best bidder as determined by the Town in its sole discretion.” The solicitation may also contain "The award of this contract may be made on the basis of initial proposals submitted without any negotiations or discussions."

General Provisions

This Policy is strictly reserved for the use of the Town. The Town Purchasing Policy does not create any rights or benefits in favor of any prospective or actual Town vendor, and nothing contained herein shall give or allow any claim or right of action against the Town. The Town’s decisions are final and not subject to any type of appeal or right of re-consideration.

  1. Thomas Tharnish

    Director of Public Works

  1. Erica Romero

    Director of Operations