Water Projects Around Town

Water Projects

Dilling New Water Wells

The Town will be drilling 3 new water wells to increase our water production.   While these wells are being drilled, sound walls will be set up to reduce the noise from the 24 hr drilling operations.  The estimated time to complete the drilling will be approximately 3 weeks.  

Well site 11 will be in the open space west of Park Trail Drive near Blizzard Valley Trail.

Aerial of the location of Well 11 on Park Trail Dr and Blizzard Valley Trail

Well site 12 will be off Mitchell Ave and Santa Fe Ave

Aerial of the location of Well 12 on Mitchell Ave and Santa Fe Ave

Well site 13 will be near the Santa Fe Trail and 4th Street

Aerial of the location of Well 13 on Santa Fe Trail at the end of 4th Street

Raspberry Ln Water Main/Street Upgrade Project

This project is necessary to replace an old and compromised water main inside the Raspberry Ln subdivision. The 8” water main will be replaced throughout the entire street. After installation of the water main, the service line for each of the 48 units will be replaced. Once the water main and service line replacement is complete, the asphalt and curb and gutter will be replaced, which will resolve the drainage issues. The project began in mid-July and is scheduled for completion is early November.

Phase 1 - Contractors have begun working on two separate phases of Raspberry Lane. 

(a) The loop closest to the residence on Raspberry Lane 

(b) the 12-inch pipe on North Monument Lake Road. Some driveway access has been limited. Specific units/residence have been notified via Nextdoor. We will continue to notify residence of all updates via Nextdoor.  

Well 3 Redrill Project

Well 3 is one of 9 wells that provides water for Town of Monument customers. Well 3 was drilled and put into operation in the early 1970’s. Since that time the well casing has been compromised and has started leaking water from one aquifer into another. Therefore, the well needed to be redrilled. The project started at the end of April and is anticipated to be finished in early fall. The new well will have a higher flow rate than the existing well which will increase the production of treated water.

Phase 1 is 80% complete. Additional well maintenance will be completed and then the piping from the new well head will be connected to the existing meter vault.

Meter Replacement Project

The Town of Monument contracted with Ratliff Utilities to update residential water meters with cellular devices to improve our water usage. A total of 967 meters were replaced. Ratliff Utilities worked with Town of Monument water billing staff to contact residents to schedule upgrades and maintenances.    

Townhomes with construction work happening in front of them.

Well 3 surrounded by cones

Man standing in front of truck with Authorized Contractor sign on it

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