Public Works Projects Around Town

Sidewalk Projects

Sidewalk installation project HWY 105/Beacon Lite Rd:

There has been a need to install sidewalk from the Monument Meadows trailer park to the entrance of Safeway. This project will address that need. The intent is to install sidewalk from the Safeway entrance west along HWY 105 to the intersection of Beacon Lite Rd. Then the sidewalk with run along the east side of Beacon Lite Rd to the north entrance to Monument Meadows trailer park. Currently, anyone walking from one to the other has to walk on a dirt trail. The sidewalk should increase safety for citizens and drivers. The project is to start mid-summer and be completed by November.

Sidewalk plan from trailer park to Safeway

Jackson Creek Parkway Design Update

The Town has selected local engineering firm of Felsburg Holt & Ullevig (FHU) to complete the overall design of Jackson Creek Parkway from Higby Road to State Highway 105. This design work will include the roadway widening to address intersection access, pedestrian and bicycle improvements, water quality and safety upgrades.

The Town of Monument has received federal funding through the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) Surface Transportation program in the amount of $800,000 with a local match of $166,311 in 2021. Design is expected to be completed in 12-18 months.

To date, it is estimated that full construction could cost 8-10 million dollars. The Town has secured almost $3.4 million dollars through federal grants and continues to pursue additional funding sources. These funding sources will include contributions from new development along this stretch of Jackson Creek Parkway.

The design process will start in October with public engagement and regular updates throughout the process.

cars driving on jackson creek pkwy

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