Legislative Issues

Monument-Fountain Weekly Legislative Tracking Report

SB22-215        Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Cash Fund

HB22-1397     Grant Program Providing Responses To Homelessness

HB22-1379      Wildfire Prevention Watershed Restoration Funding

HB22-1006      Child Care Center Property Tax Exemption

HB22-1007      Assistance Landowner Wildfire Mitigation

HB22-1011      Wildfire Mitigation Incentives For Local Governments 

HB22-1012      Wildfire Mitigation And Recovery

HB22-1024      Sales And Use Tax Exemption Municipal Public School Construction

HB22-1028      Statewide Regulation Of Controlled Intersections 

HB22-1035      Modernization Of The Older Coloradans' Act 

HB22-1041      Privacy Protections For Protected Persons 

HB22-1051      Mod Affordable Housing Tax Credit 

HB22-1055      Sales Tax Exemption Essential Hygiene Products 

HB22-1062      Expand Sales And Use Tax Exemption For Food 

HB22-1131      Reduce Justice-involvement For Young Children 

HB22-1132      Regulation And Services For Wildfire Mitigation 

HB22-1152      Prohibit Employer Adverse Action Marijuana Use 

HB22-1159      Waste Diversion And Circular Economy Development Center 

HB22-1194      Local Firefighter Safety Resources 

HB22-1205      Senior Housing Income Tax Credit 

HB22-1217      Catalytic Converter Records And Grant Program 

HB22-1223      Mobile Home Property Tax Sale Notice And Exemption 

HB22-1234      Preventing Identity-based Violence Grant Program 

HB22-1242      Regulate Tiny Homes Manufacture Sale And Install 

HB22-1272      Repeal Of Attorney Fees On Motions To Dismiss 

HB22-1273      Protections For Elections Officials 

HB22-1281      Behavioral Health-care Continuum Gap Grant Program 

HB22-1300      Local Enforcement To Prevent Human Trafficking 

HB22-1304      State Grants Investments Local Affordable Housing 

HB22-1314      Towing Carrier Nonconsensual Tows 

HB22-1318      Extending Colorado Information Sharing Consortium Deadline 

HB22-1321      Study Of Devices Assessing Motorist Impairment 

HB22-1326      Fentanyl Accountability And Prevention 

HB22-1329      2022-23 Long Bill 

HB22-1362      Building Greenhouse Gas Emissions 

HB22-1363      Accountability To Taxpayers Special Districts 

HB22-1371      Remove Peace Officer Residency Requirement 

HB22-1377      Grant Program Providing Responses To Homelessness

HB22-1379      Wildfire Prevention Watershed Restoration Funding 

HCR22-1003    Extend Homestead Exemption To Gold Star Spouses 

SB22-001         Crime Prevention Through Safer Streets 

SB22-002         Resources For Volunteer Firefighters 

SB22-005         Law Enforcement Agency Peace Officer Services 

SB22-007         Increase Wildfire Risk Mitigation Outreach Efforts 

SB22-009         Recertification And Theft Of Catalytic Converters 

SB22-029         Investment Water Speculation 

SB22-032         Simplify Local Sales & Use Tax Administration  

SB22-051         Policies To Reduce Emissions From Built Environment 

SB22-067         Safe Neighborhoods Grant Program 

SB22-097         Whistleblower Protection Health & Safety 

SB22-114         Fire Suppression Ponds Water Rights 

SB22-118         Encourage Geothermal Energy Use 

SB22-120         Regulation Of Kratom Processors 

SB22-126         Prioritize Water Storage Projects South Platte Basin 

SB22-131         Protect Health Of Pollinators And People 

SB22-145         Resources To Increase Community Safety 

SB22-146         Middle Income Access Program Expansion 

SB22-152         Residence Of Voter Whose Home Is Destroyed 

SB22-153         Internal Election Security Measures 

SB22-159         Revolving Loan Fund Invest Affordable Housing 

SB22-215         Infrastructure Investment And Jobs Act Cash Fund