Party for the Parks

Town of Monument's Party for the Parks!

Join us July 16th, 2022 to help raise money for our Parks Department!

Purchase tickets HERE !

Event location: 17360 Jackson Creek Parkway , Monument

Other info:

-Tickets will be $30 at the door (cash is preferred)
-Parking is free with ticket purchase
-Children 5 years and under are free
-Chairs that will not impede anyone's view of the stage are allowed.
-Rain or shine event. Umbrellas are welcome
-Re-entry with wristband

-Backpacks, large bags, coolers, outside food/drinks
-Pop up tents, "ez ups"
-Alcoholic beverages (outside of beer garden)
-Smoking of any kind (including but not limited to: cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vaping, marijuana, illegal drugs)
-Laser pointers
-Audio or video recording devices, GoPros, 360-degree cameras, and cameras with removable lenses
-Selfie sticks
-Weapons of any kind (e.g. guns, knives, chains, studded/spiked jewelry)
-Bullhorns and noisemakers
-Aerosols (e.g., hairspray, sunscreen, boost oxygen)
-Confetti, glitter and other items that can be thrown
-Hula hoops
-Animals (with the exception of service animals as defined by the ADA)
-Poi (e.g., sticks, rope, balls, fiber optic whips)
-Remote controlled flying devices or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles, drones)