Water Billing

**The Town of Monument is in the process of switching online payment providers. We are confident you will find the new system to be even more user-friendly than what we have now. If you’re on Auto Pay, you’ll need to setup a new account once the new system is in place. We are working to transition to the new online payment system around October 1st.  Please look for more details to come in the future.**

The Water Billing Department is responsible for generating, processing and collecting approximately 1,600 water accounts each month. 

The department responds to:

  • Utility customer requests for connects
  • Disconnects and transfer of ownership of water service
  • General billing questions
  • Delinquency and collection-related issues
  • Processing of water payments
  • Creating bulk water accounts

Water Billing Forms

Water Rebate Form

  • Water Rebate 2022

Mailing Address:

645 Beacon Lite Rd
Monument, CO 80132



Business Hours:

Monday - Friday
8:00AM - 5:00PM