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  1. Office Hiring Job Vacancy Announcement

    New! Job Postings

    Apply today! Check out our open positions. Read on...
  2. man writing on paper Town of Monument Logo Municode Logo

    Updates to the Town of Monument Municipal Code

    Recent updates to the Town of Monument Municipal code include changes to the Landscape and Tree removal permit process. Read on...
  3. sidewalk project starting out with dirt path

    Sidewalk Project along 105 and Beacon Lite Rd. may cause delays

    This week (7/19) please be aware of road work for the new sidewalk project happening along the North and South sides of 105 and Beacon Lite Rd. Road delays may occur. Read on...
  4. Monument zoning map

    New Zoning Designations! Check out the interactive map.

    See how zoning designations have changed, and if you and your home have been affected. Read on...
  5. White stencil house. what is Home Rule Governance? Town of Monument Logo

    What is Home Rule Governance?

    Home Rule municipalities have the power to make laws relevant to local problems and exercise control over issues of “local concern” with minimal state intervention. Read on...
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