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Feb 12

Spa Medica, LLC, Skin and Laser Cinic

Posted on February 12, 2020 at 8:28 AM by Madeline VanDenHoek

Room with a counter and decorations
A Medi-Spa for Women, Men, and Teens 

Owner: Elba D'Asaro

Street Address: 550 Highway 105, Monument, CO 80132

Business Phone Number: 719-487-7546

Business Website:

Years in Business in Monument: 5, 9 years in total 

Spa Medica, LLC, Skin and Laser Clinic is a Medi-Spa for women, men, and teens that are currently living in the Tri-lakes, Monument, and surrounding areas of Southern Colorado. Since the inception of the Spa, we have attracted clients from Castle Rock, Perry Park, as far as Pueblo, Estes Park, Grand Junction, and the Denver Area. The Geography of the clients range from 10 years old to 80 for all and any skin conditions, and specialize in customer skin solutions that are developed specially for them. The Spa started in Larkspur in 2010, in a small 2 room office that had no room to grow thus we moved to Monument in 2015 after outgrowing our small clinic.

How long have you been in this Business? 
The Spa has been in business 9 years, and going strong, we continue to add to our Spa skin solution with new cutting edge treatments that are safe, less down time, and budget worthy.

How and why you started the business?
 The business was started by a former beauty queen that understood skin conditions and knew various treatments that would benefit all skin types from expert advice. I, Dr. Elba D’Asaro continue to grow the Spa, after I retired from 25 yrs. of military service  and wanted to contribute to the skin industry due to my personal sensitive skin condition. As a Combat Nurse in the Nurse Corps, traveling around the world, and witnessing to skin issues, I realized that the skin (the largest organ on our body) needs primary care and treatments to continue to keep the human body fit. As I continued to serve in the military and returning from combat (deployed 4 times) I learned that men and women suffer the same skin conditions that need care and I treatments to remain healthy.

How are you unique and what are your specialties? 
We customize the skin treatment, and procedures to all skin types, for women, men, and teens. The Spa does not treat with customized spa ingredients; we combine organic, natural products to apply on the skin. The Spa does treat medical conditions: skin tags, skin mole removal, toe fungus, vein injections. Also, the cutting edge lasers treatment for un-even skin tones, rosaria, malasmas, and other skin conditions. We are one of the few spas, which still offer, electrolysis for gray hair removal, and are known as the Toe Fungus Headquarters for Southern Colorado.

What are your most popular products/services:
Skin tag removal, facials, medical peels, and also injections. Services range from removing sun-spots via lasering, laser hair removal, and the use of Viora (c) machine to reduce cellulite in any body area.

What do you enjoy about being part of the Monument Community? 
The community is friendly, warm to the entrepreneurs, and clean living conditions.