Why am I paying additional use tax fees with my construction Permit?

Note that the Monument Use Tax is different from Sales Tax. Use Tax is the 2% fee on your Monument permit application “materials estimate” only and is on all monument permits for pre-payment. Note that Sales Tax is different than our Town of monument Use Tax. Sales tax is from items purchased directly from a retail establishment. The “use or consumption of tangible personal property brought into the Town by a nonresident to be used in the conduct of business in the town” is considered non-exempt.

3.12.020 - Collection, administration and enforcement of use tax.


If you have purchased all your building materials for your project within the Town of Monument and have paid a retail sales tax for Monument, you may be eligible for a refund of what is paid on the permit. You would need to supply the Town with copies of receipts or invoices containing proof of Town of Monument sales tax paid, along with the attached form. Please ensure all local retail receipts are organized to clearly show which permit they were for, the amounts paid for Monument sales tax and the date. Note that for anything 1 year or older, we are unable to process for a refund.


Contact the Planning Department for the form we will need returned to us, along with your receipts and the original permit with the use tax included, for review and approval. If your request is approved, we will mail your refund check to you or a letter stating the reasons why you have been denied the Use Tax refund. Please note that the receipts must be readable, be from a business located within the Town of Monument border and must include the date of purchase in relation to the Permit you paid Use Tax on. No labor, only materials can be considered for the Use Tax refund.


Please see the Town of Monument municipal code for the Use Tax code or for further questions you may contact our Planning Department at 719-884-8015.


please check the Maps page.

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